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Man hurt by pool dive may move again

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swimming4The Framingham man who broke his neck by diving off a trampoline into a shallow kiddie pool may be able to recover at least some movement in his body, but faces a difficult road ahead, experts say.

Cleber Dos Santos, 29, broke his fifth Cervical vertebra – an injury which means his spine should be Functional above the fifth vertebra, giving him some upper body movement, according to a local Physical Therapist.

“Somebody like that, you would expect to be able to use amuscle-to-shoulder shrug or they might be able to move their arm out to the side,” said Rachael Finke, a therapist at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Framingham.

Whether the man regains movement in his torso and legs depends on whether he suffered a complete or incomplete spinal cord injury, Finke said.

“If you think of the spinal cord as a garden hose, a complete injury would sever the hose completely, preventing the transmission of water,” she said.

Those who suffer spinal cord injuries often need physical, occupational and speech therapy.

By Jon Brodkin/ Metrowest Daily News

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