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Reeve Foundation “bike” being built on American Chopper

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OCC-at-AME_300The Reeve Foundation is about to be featured on the TLC show American Chopper! Paul Teutul Sr. and the crew from Orange County Choppers (OCC) have built a motorcycle for the Reeve Foundation. And this motorcycle is like no other chopper ever built. It is a trike-bike chopper that is custom built for wheelchair access!

The TV show airs on January 7, 2010, starting at 9 p.m. ET. And we would like you to have people over to watch the show. In fact, we would like to have American Chopper parties across the country!

It’s simple, really. Ask your friends to make a small donation of $25 and to join you for your viewing party.

You supply some refreshments for your guests to enjoy, and then sit back and watch an inspirational and enjoyable episode of American Chopper!! Wait till you see the new bike!!

A big prize for the host:
The party that brings in the most money wins a special “behind-the-scenes” tour of the OCC facility for four people! Click here to find out more.

Prizes and gifts for your guests:

  1. Ten partiers from across the country will be chosen at random to receive signed copies of Paul Teutul Sr.’s best selling book, The Tale of the Teutuls.
  2. Twelve partiers from across the country will be chosen at random to receive OCC T-shirts.
  3. Every partier will be emailed a digital photo of the Reeve Foundation-Life Rolls On Chopper.
  4. Every partier will be sent a Reeve Foundation Superman dog tag necklace and keychain.

Sign up to be a host now!

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