Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Wheels Up: A Quadriplegic Pilot’s Inspirational Journey

Published: July 19, 2016 | Spinal Cord Injury:

GASTONIA, NC — A 28-year-old North Carolina pharmacist is pushing physical limitations, conquering stereotypes, soaring to new heights and defying gravity.

Man uses Able Flight to check items off his bucket list

Published: June 27, 2012

An Able Flight participant will get to check two items off his bucket list after completing the program at Purdue.

In 2009, Steven Scott, from Poway, Calif., sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident that left him paralyzed. After, he created a list of items he wanted to complete during his life – skydive, scuba dive, show his daughter the exotic places he has lived and get his sport pilot certificate.

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