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Eye for excellence

Published: June 23, 2004

Decatur man 2nd in national archery contest

A second-place finish in a national archery competition would be enough to make most people brag.

But not for Decatur’s Chuck Kimball.

Trojans Swim with Mike

Published: April 13, 2004

In 1981, a benefit for injured USC swimming star Mike Nyeholt turned into an annual event for athletes.

As they were getting ready to leave the beach, he wanted to take a final dip into the ocean. Waist-deep in the water, he dove in and suddenly felt as if he had been punched in the face. He tried to stand, but nothing happened.

WR Smith recovering from spinal cord injury

Published: March 17, 2004

Bryan Mullen covers Vanderbilt athletics for The Tennessean. He can be reached at 726-8947

Wide receiver George Smith has spent the last week in a South Florida hospital and has been diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder that leads to inflammation of the spinal cord.

Award is presented annually to someone who has been instrumental

Published: March 17, 2004

Joe Thieringer, left, of Westmont receives the Daniel C. Sullivan Teambuilder Award from Dan Sullivan, right, of Pennsauken, at the recent Sullivan Wheelchair Basketball Classic tournament in Philadelphia.

The award is presented annually to someone who has been instrumental in developing competitive sports programs for athletes with disabilities.

The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA)

Published: February 21, 2004


A Winning Strategy
The National Wheelchair Basketball Association (NWBA) is the nation’s oldest and largest Disability sport organization. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the NWBA is a non-profit organization which serves as the national governing body for men’s, women’s and youth wheelchair basketball in the United States.

Wheelchair tennis is growing

Published: February 20, 2004

Wheelchair tennis is growing rapidly at the University of Arizona as players from all over the country are drawn by the year-round play and the variety of athletic and academic opportunities. The program is open to all, whether international tournament players or first-time recreational players. Coaches Claudia Dill and Mike Cottingham are both USPTA-certified wheelchair instructors. Mike is a former ranked wheelchair Men’s Open player and Claudia is a ranked able-bodied Senior player.

ESPN’S Superior Beings Presentation:

Published: February 18, 2004

ESPN’S Superior Beings Presentation: Extraordinary Athletes With Disabilities Use Sports to Change Misfortune to Triumph

ESPN Original Entertainment (EOE) has produced a compelling documentary that celebrates the extraordinary achievements of several disabled athletes. Superior Beings is a one-hour show that highlights excellence and the ability of sports to transform lives.

Management of the spinal cord injured football player.

Published: August 16, 2002

TIERNEY AND COLLEAGUES ASSESSED THE EFFECT OF head position and football equipment (helmet and shoulder pads) on cervical spinal cord space in subjects lying supine on a spine board. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data from 12 subjects were analyzed for sagittal space available for the cord (SAC), sagittal diameter of the spinal cord, and cervical-Thoracic angle. The MRI scans were evaluated midsagittally at each spinal level (C3-C7). The sagittal-diameter spinal canal and spinal cord measurements were taken at the midpoint of the vertebral body, and were traced manually.

The ‘sport’ of bioengineering

Published: January 15, 2002

_1761268_rings300Yes, it is a picture of the Olympic rings, but the rings themselves are constructed out of living nerve cells.

This biological version of the icon of sporting excellence measures 3.4 millimetres – about one-eighth of an inch – across.

The “living rings”, as they have been dubbed, were produced by a graduate student at the University of Utah, Mike Manwaring. The state capital of Utah, Salt Lake City, is hosting the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

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