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Mother, daughter duo beat disability

Published: February 17, 2008

It’s been an addiction since she tried it in New York City one year after the car accident.

Melinda Baker, 39, of Bushnell, Fla., decided she didn’t want to sit on the couch and do nothing, so she took up handcycling. After her first race, the New York City Marathon, she said she was hooked.

“I lost my leg at 35 and suffered a brain injury and an incomplete spinal cord injury,” Baker said of the accident.

Her injury did not stop her, it made her want to show others what that they could accomplish, one step at a time. She said she thinks it inspires the runners, as well as others with disabilities, that if she can power a cycle with just her arms, they can run the 26.2 miles.

Spinal Cord Injury Persons Go Scuba Diving

Published: November 19, 2007

Spinal cord injury persons enjoy scuba diving.

Stand Strong Again

Published: October 17, 2007
Stand Strong Again
Stand Strong Again

Action sports such as motocross,skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and BMX have become an importantpart of the fabric that is our youth-oriented society. More and morepeople are entering this world on a daily basis for a variety ofreasons. Some are just looking for an interesting way to get exercise;some are finding a way to quench their thirst for an adrenaline rushand still others are looking for fame and fortune. Whatever the motive,everyone of these participants faces potentially significant and lifealtering risks everyday.We believe that everyone that participates in action sports deserves to have a foundationin place that will provide a solid source of support to help those injured and in need.Stand Strong Again is desgined to be that foundation.

Battle for London 2012 gold

Published: May 6, 2007

20070507When Sergeant Mick Brennan was caught in a suicide bombing in Iraq, the outlook was bleak.

Hurled 25 ft by the force of the explosion, the former keen runner and boxer lost both legs and suffered an injury to his brain. He struggled to control his anger and faced a long Rehabilitation.

Now, however, Sgt Brennan is fighting to represent his country again – at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

The 27-year-old, is one of 42 amputee soldiers who last month received letters offering them a chance to compete for a place in the Paralympic squad.

Tide wheelchair squads compete despite disability

Published: March 25, 2007

TUSCALOOSA — Much like University of Alabama men’s basketball coach Mark Gottfried and women’s coach Stephany Smith, Brent Hardin scours the country looking for only the best basketball players to wear the uniform of the Crimson Tide.


“It’s scary, how detailed recruiting is these days,” Hardin said.

Wheelchair Basketball

Published: March 6, 2007

Part of a great game in Vegas

Year after paralyzing injury, player strides back to Cornell

Published: January 27, 2007

snipshot_aqvb5rv8218Hard work, support drive Gant’s return

ITHACA — It has been a year since a collision on a basketball court changed Khaliq Gant’s life, and the lives of those closest to him, forever.

At first sight, nothing about Gant illustrates the ordeal he has been through to make it back to the Cornell University campus.

There’s no wheelchair. No cane. Not even a distinguishable limp.

He lifts weights regularly with his Cornell basketball teammates and looks more like an athlete rehabbing an ankle injury during workouts with trainer Marc Chamberlain than one returning from major spinal cord surgery.

Vertical Challenge – A Quadriplegics Rock Climbing Odyssey

Published: August 19, 2006
Vertical Challenge
Vertical Challenge

Vertical Challenge is the story of quadriplegic rock climber Brad Zdanivsky, the first quad climber to reach the summit of the Stawamus Chief in Squamish.

Team Eagle: Sailing for Beijing

Published: June 2, 2006

Team Eagle
Team Eagle

Team Eagle, a US disabled sailing team, is campaigning to represent the United States in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, China. We will be competing in the newly designed SKUD-18, which will be used in the two-person keelboat event.

IKAN Sports Foundation

Published: February 7, 2006
IKAN Sports Foundation
IKAN Sports Foundation

We’re here to help people who are quadriplegic due to spinal cord injury as well as those affected by diseases such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida and more reach for sports’ highest honors and be recognized like any other athlete who raises the bar. And just how many are out there? Millions worldwide. We aim to be behind each one with every turn of the wheel. Keeping People In The Game Of Life.