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One dive changed this young woman’s life forever

Published: February 7, 2012

JUST over two years ago, Rhiannon Tracey was getting ready to celebrate her 21st birthday when she was told she would never walk again.

The Eltham vet nurse had just bought a car and had sent out invitations to her party when she flew to Bali for a holiday with her mother and best friend.

‘‘It was our usual girls’ trip away,’’ she says now. ‘‘It was my best friend’s birthday the night that it happened.’’

Tracey’s life changed that night when she dived into the resort swimming pool and broke her spine. ‘‘It was poorly lit and the signage was poor.’’

The number cruncher

Published: August 6, 2011

JOHN Walsh was an avid rugby league player and a star maths and physics student at the University of Sydney with dreams of carving out a career in the US as an astrophysicist.

But his life changed forever one chilly Saturday afternoon in July 1971 when he was barrelled into an unpadded wooden goalpost in the heat of a game. The collision severely fractured the 20-year-old’s spine at the neck level – not that Walsh understood it at the time.