Monday, July 15, 2024

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Drug offers hope for spinal patients

Treatment proven in lab to assist recovery and could be part of cure alongside other research, say experts. Kiwi and Australian researchers have developed a protein-based drug that offers a potential breakthrough treatment for those with severe brain and spinal cord injuries.

‘Exciting’ progress for spinal injury drug

Pioneers in the field of neurological therapy want paramedics to be armed with a breakthrough drug to quickly stop the damage spreading. It's the latest...

‘Exciting discovery’ could aid frontline spinal injury treatment

Scientists a step closer to treating harmful inflammation after spinal cord injury Rapid treatment with a new anti-inflammatory could have a major impact on recovery...

Drug may reduce chronic pain for spinal cord injuries

West Lafayette, Indiana - Researchers have discovered that a known neurotoxin may cause chronic pain in people who suffer from paralysis, and a drug...