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Twenty years after paralyzing fall, Tasha Schuh’s life is an open book

Published: November 26, 2017 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

Tasha Schuh is used to getting embarrassing questions about her sex life.

Schuh, paralyzed from the chest down since she fell through a stage trap door in 1997 during a rehearsal for her high school musical, said she understands why people are curious.

“You know, I live in a very small town,” said Schuh, 36, of Ellsworth, Wis. “People would stop me at the grocery store and were, like, ‘Um, how’s that going to work?’”

Schuh isn’t afraid to overshare when she answers.

Ellsworth, WI woman hasn’t let a catastrophic injury stop her

Published: August 4, 2012

Kathy Schuh likely never realized how prophetic she was in 1997.

I spoke with Kathy shortly after her daughter, Natasha, 16 at the time, was severely injured after falling through a trapdoor during a musical rehearsal at a Red Wing, Minn., theater and landing about 16 feet below. The spinal cord injury left her paralyzed from the chest down.

“She is a very determined girl,” Kathy said of her daughter 14 years ago. “There’s a lot of fight in her, and that’s what will get her through this. She won’t lay back and let go.”

Tasha, as she is commonly known, has epitomized her mother’s statement. This 31-year-old is an accomplished motivational speaker, is finishing an inspirational book on her life, recently won the Ms. Wheelchair U.S.A. title, and is looking forward to marriage, family and whatever God has in store for her.