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Rick Hansen’s new mission: Improving accessibility across Canada

Published: May 22, 2019

Accessibility activist Rick Hansen has a new poster to show you. One with adjustable text at an eye level so people in wheelchairs can read it, text in multiple languages, a braille pad and even a recording of someone reading it.

Spinal cord impairment registry goes live

Published: August 1, 2016

New Zealand Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 2014–2019A national registry which goes live today will lead to better services and better care and support for people living with a spinal cord impairment, say Health Minister Jonathan Coleman and ACC Minister Nikki Kaye.

“This registry will collect and record a wide range of information about people throughout their lifetime, from the moment they’re affected by a spinal cord impairment,” says Dr Coleman.

“Information captured will include demographic information, details of the cause of impairment, and details of all subsequent support received, including medical, physical, psychological and social support.

Rick Hansen: We can all be difference-makers in the world

Published: May 21, 2014

Rick HansenThursday, May 22, celebrates the 27th anniversary of the end of the original Man In Motion World Tour. Here, Rick Hansen reminisces on the day that changed his life and the challenges still faced by the physically disabled.

My life changed forever as a teenager when I was thrown from a pickup truck. I was paralyzed and spent more than six months in hospital and rehab, wondering what would become of my life.

March 6, 1987: Rick Hansen wheels into city hearts

Published: March 6, 2014

Rick Hanson039.jpgEDMONTON – Rick Hansen’s gruelling worldwide odyssey for spinal-cord research rolled into Edmonton to the cheers of hundreds of flag-waving children and adults.

He rolled his wheelchair past more than 500 people who gathered to greet him at Gateway Park near the southern city limits.

“I want to make it very clear that the reason I am wheeling around the world is to try to create a much better understanding of disabled persons and their potential,” the 29-year-old said amid shouts and applause.

Steep climb still no problem for Rick Hansen

Published: May 19, 2012

25 years on, Man in Motion conquers Coquitlam’s Thermal Drive, again

The steepest hill on Rick Hansen’s 25th-anniversary relay tour was lined with thousands of onlookers as Hansen and his team of “difference makers” climbed the monstrous Thermal Drive that stretches from Port Moody into Coquitlam on Friday.

Spinal-cord injuries: The uphill push for a cure

Published: May 16, 2012

Rick Hansen says we’ll see a breakthrough in spinal cord injuries within 25 years, but it will be hard work — spurred on by innovations such as the Spinal Cord Registry

Twenty-five years ago, Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion team looked up Thermal Drive in Coquitlam and realized they’d made a mistake.

It was almost the end of Hansen’s epic round-the-world journey — within days of his finishing in Vancouver — and they had blithely drawn his route up a hill that from the bottom now seemed too steep, too tough, given the two gruelling years and two months Hansen had already put in.