Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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“Advocating with Your Mind and Body” – Josh Basile

Josh delivered the Keynote Address at the 2015 Working 2 Walk Symposium. He suffered a spinal cord injury in 2004 and since that time has been an engaged advocate, providing resources for the community through his websites for Determined2Heal and SPINALpedia, and continuing to educate himself about spinal cord injury research and therapies. This year SPINALpedia was one of the sponsors of W2W. Josh Basile, a quadriplegic and spinal cord injury research advocate is a lawyer from Bethesda. His speech “Advocating with Your Body and Mind” was on the importance of keeping our bodies healthy so they’re ready for possible therapies.

The way forward

It was the beginning of a summer that promised to be one of his best ever. Josh Basile loved his new job as a lawyer...

When facing paralysis, offers hope THE STORY: Hi! I'm Britt Martin, co-founder and executive director of SPINALpedia. My dad was paralyzed in a car accident when I was 12...