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When facing paralysis, offers hope

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THE STORY: Hi! I’m Britt Martin, co-founder and executive director of SPINALpedia. My dad was paralyzed in a car accident when I was 12 years old. I made this video to share why SPINALpedia needs to exist. Thanks for watching– please share this video to help us spread our mission, helping the paralysis community adapt their lives.

One in 50 people in the United States live with paralysis. Each year, 12,000 people become paralyzed due to car accidents, gunshot wounds, sports injuries, and disease. These people and their families are often left feeling helpless and overwhelmed as they struggle to adapt their lives to a disability. Many fall into patterns of unemployment, poverty and depression. — a website of user-generated how-to videos — was founded to show the paralysis community that there are no limits to what they can do. From the simplest tasks — like how to get dressed — to extreme adventures — adapted skydiving, anyone? — SPINALpedia is the go-to resource for the paralysis community.

Help us spread our message to the world. In the face of paralysis, life is not over. It’s just different. SPINALpedia provides those living with paralysis — and their families — the resources needed to re-establish their lives. You never know when your life will be touched by paralysis. Please consider a donation to help us reach our goal of spreading SPINALpedia worldwide!

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