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Published: March 26, 2004

Generally, the earlier recovery begins and the more rapid its progress, the better the prognosis. In scientific studies, most recovery occurs during the first six months, and may continue up to two years post injury. Patients with incomplete spinal cord injury lesions have a better chance of recovery than those with complete lesions.

Research and development for “fixing severed spinal cords” has been ongoing for decades. Allocation of funds for this disorder, however, is scarce when compared to more common maladies such as coronary artery disease.

The Marathon Miracle

Published: March 19, 2004

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 19, 2004–This April, a young man named Jack Shadduck plans to bicycle 26.2 miles–completing the same distance as the thousands of runners of the Boston Marathon. Why is it a miracle? Because Jack is paralyzed from the neck down.

Why home Care Costs So Much

Published: February 2, 2004

Institutional costs are eligible for Medicaid reimbursement to states. Home services aren’t. I wrote awhile ago about activists pushing the Medicaid Community Attendant Services Act in Congress. That bill proposes that in-home services be covered by Medicaid – not just by a “waiver” program the state may, or may not, choose to offer. But this bill has gone nowhere.

Another villain, say activists, are the nurse practice acts in force today in most states. Toby Olson explains nurse practice act this way: “They carve out a range of activists and say, ‘if a person is going to do this for pay, it’s going to be a nurse.’ Period.” Olson heads Washington state’s Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment.

Paralysed girl’s ‘miracle’ steps

Published: October 6, 2003

_39424266_gemma1_203A teenager who was paralysed from the neck down in a car accident has taken her first steps – despite being told she would never walk again.

Gemma Quinn, 19, from Woolton, Merseyside, suffered severe spinal injuries in a car accident 11 years ago.

She was told she would always be reliant on a Ventilator and a wheelchair.

Gemma said it felt “amazing” to be able to walk again.

Ventilatory Care in Patients with SCI

Published: October 3, 2003

The breathing muscles are supplied by nerves that emerge from the spinal cord in various locations, from the Cervical through the Lumbar levels. “Even the abdominal muscles are involved in breathing,” said Joshua O. Benditt, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Pulmonary Division. Injury to the spinal cord at or above these levels therefore affects the ability to breathe. “The higher up the Lesion is, the more serious the effect on the breathing system. In fact, you can almost predict from the injury level the degree of breathing function a patient will have,” Benditt said.

Online Magazines

Published: September 8, 2003

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