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Zina Hermez – My book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival has been published!

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Zina HermezWhat started out a dream has now become reality. I began writing Not Without God a couple of years ago, and I wrote sporadically in the beginning. As both of my parents battled serious illnesses I realized (yet again) how precious life is—and how our time is short. My book describes how I healed from near-fatal injuries as a result of an accident that left me paralyzed at sixteen. While crossing the street to get to my friend’s bus stop, I was hit by a car. It’s a miracle from the Lord that I’m alive and able to walk.

My spine shifted and broke at the lumbar level and I suffered a spinal-cord-injury. I also fractured my first cervical vertebra and had a broken femur in my left leg. The bones of both lower legs were broken, and I had extensive internal bleeding. There were further injuries. I was air-lifted to the University of Michigan hospital via Survival Life Flight where I underwent an immediate twelve-hour surgery. My young life seemed to have reached its end, but God had a plan.

Not Without God
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Although health professionals predicted I would never walk again, I looked to my faith. I survived devastating injuries, learned to walk again despite all odds, and finally became a professional teacher. I have been an educator for almost fifteen years and have taught multiple subjects to hundreds of students of all ages from many different backgrounds and cultures. Today I’m an instructor of English for a global language training company, and I also do classroom teaching in the same area.

About a month ago, I received a limited set of early author copies of my book. I have made them available on my website at http://zinahermez.com, where I am offering signed and personalized ones! There are also copies on Amazon for Pre-order. My book will be in brick-and-mortar bookstores. I began Spinal Cord Injury Solutions! in the summer of 2012: http://zinahermez.wordpress.com where I write to encourage and share on topics of faith and overcoming disability. Since then I’ve gone on two writer’s conferences: my first for a weekend in Las Vegas, and my second for a weekend in Los Angeles! I had a dynamic speaking engagement last April. I spoke to a room full of entrepreneurs. It was so fun!

Writing the book has been quite a journey–emotionally and physically it was at times taxing. It required a lot of effort and energy, and a lot of late nights at the computer. I’ve shared more than I’ve ever shared before. I’m hoping that it achieves my goal–to help those who are hurting and those who are in situations similar to mine. Keep me in your prayers please, and please pray for my book.

I poured my heart and soul into it. My hope is that through my story, others with spinal-cord-injury or other challenges will read my book and be strengthened. I want it to offer hope, inspiration, and ways to heal, not only for those injured in accidents, but for anyone facing adversity in life. Please pray that it touches many hearts, or simply pray for God’s will. I would greatly appreciate it.

May God bless, always…

Zina Hermez
Author, Not Without God

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