Utah Prom Queen Gives Crown to Special Needs Student

Published: April 21, 2014  |  Source: mobilityawarenessmonth.com  | Spinal Cord Injury: ,


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On May 26th , 2011 Kendra Jean Muller turned 14, little did she know that in less than 24 hours her life would be changed forever. Her story is full of inspiration and resilience.

She decided to go to her friend’s house for a swim party and put off her birthday party for the next weekend. She didn’t want her friends to have to choose between which party to go to. She was like that, always putting her friends first.

After having a great time swimming, she and four of her best friends climbed onto a large hammock that was strung between two brick columns that were holding up a deck. Unfortunately, no one knew that inside one of the columns the wooden beam had rotted and turned to sawdust. The bricks came crashing down on top of them and instantly paralyzed Kendra.

In a second, she went from being on two soccer teams and being a cross country champ to being a C-5 complete quadriplegic. She spent one month in the ICU where she would painstakingly blink out each letter to form a sentence. She blinked, “I have been so good, so can I have a Jamba Juice?” With comments like that, we were grateful her brain was not damaged. We were told in the ICU that she would never walk or breathe on her own. She proved them wrong and learned to breathe on her own and then went on to speak, eat, and drink. The 3rd month, she learned how to push her manual wheelchair, write, use an iPad, and put on makeup, etc.

Throughout this great challenge, she has continued to be positive and has worked daily to become more independent. She now serving as a Student Body Officer at Riverton High School and is the only girl on the Utah Scorpions Wheelchair Rugby Team. She is a friend to all and looks for ways to serve others. You may have seen her on GMA as “Prom Queen gives up her crown to special needs student.”

She loves to serve by being a motivational speaker and visiting with those in the hospital who are newly injured. In the hospital Kendra said, ” I will be OK, if I have the right tools.” A wheelchair accessible van is the tool she needs to be independent, to better serve her community, and to improve the lives of others.

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