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A look inside Carissa Louise’s life after attaining a C6/C7 complete spinal cord injury

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Carissa Louise from Alberta Canada shows YouTube viewers that even though she’s living life as a quadriplegic, she is still living life. Carissa loves everything beauty and wants to share that with you! Carissa shares her personal experiences in interesting vlog style videos! Here are a few videos, if you want to see more Subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

Everyday Makeup – C6/C7 Quadriplegic

My workouts – C6/C7 Quadriplegic

My August Long Weekend!

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  1. It has now been 2 years and 2 months since my 18 year old son was in his accident. T12 complete. Now 20 years old and will not leave the house unless it is a doctors appointment. Any suggestions?

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