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Spinal Cord Injury Videos

Amazing Inspirational Teen's Graduation Address

Published: June 29, 2008

Our 17-year old son’s journey with spinal cord injury. His Graduation Address to Hants East Rural High, 2008.

Business Coach and Life Coach – Bill Cawley

Published: June 23, 2008

In this video, motivational speaker and peak performance coach Bill Cawley introduces himself and tells the story of his recovery following a life-changing accident 15 years ago.

Ed Leatherman at Shepherd Center

Published: June 22, 2008

Shepherd Center spinal cord injury patient Edward Leatherman talks about his experience at Shepherd Center.

Medicaid and Medicare: What's it all mean?

Published: June 22, 2008

Jason Lazarus, a financial planner from Orlando, FL, explains the differences between Medicaid and Medicare.

Exercise Equipment – – PHYSICAL THERAPY

Published: June 19, 2008

Exercise equipment for those confined to a wheelchair.

Two Important Recovery Options in Paralysis and Spinal Cord

Published: June 17, 2008

Recovering from a brain or spinal cord injury can be extremely difficult.

Basic Facts about Spinal Cord Injuries

Published: June 17, 2008

Spinal cord injuries are often physically and emotionally challenging.

Wheelchair tips – letter opening, kleenex, water bottle…

Published: June 7, 2008

Some tips from a quadriplegic on a variety of things….opening mail, carrying cell phone, water bottle with strap, opening zippers, blow dryer holder, small gadget holder

Keith-Ann Spotlight

Published: June 6, 2008

Spinal Cord Injury Recovery – Austin, TX

Spinal Cord Injury Support Group of South Florida

Published: May 21, 2008

Pictures of Spinal Cord Injury Support Group of South Florida

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