Thursday, September 23, 2021


Spinal Cord Injury Videos

5-year Old Chase is Walking Again

It was June 2005 and Chase Ford had just turned 2-years-old.

Levels of Function in Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries range from minor to severe, the labeling of these injuries can sometimes be confusing.

Drs. Raisman and Li explain their groundbreaking findings

Dr. Geoffrey Raisman and Dr. Ying Li describe in plain terms the research project to which they've dedicated their lives.

Brad Koenning Recovery

Brad's recovery after stem cells. Video taken at Pressing On

Explore Health Dr. Carlos Rangel

Donald Margolis of RSCI talks to Dr. Carlos Rangel who is making amazing strides in the treatment of Spinal Cord Injury.

Dare to Dream: The search toward a cure for paralysis.

An in depth look into individuals living life as quadriplegics.

ReWalk by Argo – A Life Regained ReWalk™, the first commercially viable upright walking assistance tool, enables wheelchair users with lower-limb disabilities to stand, walk, and even climb stairs. For potentially millions...

Amazing Inspirational Teen's Graduation Address

Our 17-year old son's journey with spinal cord injury. His Graduation Address to Hants East Rural High, 2008.

Business Coach and Life Coach – Bill Cawley

In this video, motivational speaker and peak performance coach Bill Cawley introduces himself and tells the story of his recovery following a life-changing accident 15 years ago.

Ed Leatherman at Shepherd Center

Shepherd Center spinal cord injury patient Edward Leatherman talks about his experience at Shepherd Center.