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Spinal Cord Injury- Is the Cure in China?

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“Spinal Cord Injury: Is the Cure in China?”
Dr. Wise Young talks about his experience visiting over 100 hospitals in China and beginning the Spinal Cord Injury Network of China and the future of spinal cord injury and stem cell research in the US.

About Wise Young, MD, PhD
In August 2001, TIME Magazine named Dr. Young as ‘America’s Best’ in the field of spinal cord injury research. In 2005 he was the first researcher elected to the Spinal Cord Injury Hall of Fame. Dr. Young was appointed to the Richard H. Schindell Chair in Neuroscience in 2006 by the Rutgers University Board of Governors. Read full bio


  1. im ken 21 from philippines and im spinal cored injury t4-t5 and my family dont have money to support my medical needs,help me…

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