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Monthly Archives: May 2007

MARSĀ® Drink gets spinally injured teenagers back on track

Published: May 7, 2007

MARS Drink is supporting spinally injured teenagers by encouraging them to get out on the ski runs of Sweden.

Teenagers aged 13-17 who have suffered spinal cord injuries are being supported by The Back-Up Trust with the help of MARS Drink.

MARS Drink supplied fleeces for all the children and the staff of Back-Up to keep them warm and fully prepared for a rewarding week on the slopes.

All the 8 spinally injured teenagers on the course were not only new to skiing, but had brand new passports to get them there!

Battle for London 2012 gold

Published: May 6, 2007

20070507When Sergeant Mick Brennan was caught in a suicide bombing in Iraq, the outlook was bleak.

Hurled 25 ft by the force of the explosion, the former keen runner and boxer lost both legs and suffered an injury to his brain. He struggled to control his anger and faced a long Rehabilitation.

Now, however, Sgt Brennan is fighting to represent his country again – at the 2012 London Paralympic Games.

The 27-year-old, is one of 42 amputee soldiers who last month received letters offering them a chance to compete for a place in the Paralympic squad.

Banning stem cell research prolongs suffering

Published: May 6, 2007

Diabetes affects 140,000 young Australians, who would die unless they received multiple insulin injections each day of their lives. The cause is the self-destruction of the insulin-producing cells within the pancreas.

Attempts have been made recently to replace these cells with surrogates, allowing recipients to cease injecting insulin. The source of the replacement cells is a pancreas donated after death. But organ supply is limited, with as few as 200 donors in Australia a year.

Stem cells are a potential alternative source of insulin-producing cells. The stem cells come from embryos, cord blood or from adults, for example from the nose. At present, none of these cells can be differentiated into insulin-producing cells that are the same as those found in a normal pancreas.

Drug curbs bone loss after spinal cord injury

Published: May 6, 2007

The bone drug Fosamax (also called alendronate) given soon after spinal cord injury prevents bone loss associated with the injury, a study suggests.

People who’ve suffered spinal cord injury are at risk for rapid bone loss occurring below the level of the injury due to an increase in the harmful process of bone resorption as well as impaired bone formation, thereby predisposing them to Osteoporosis and bone fractures.

In their study, Dr. Nigel L. Gilchrist, of The Princess Margaret Hospital, Christchurch, New Zealand, and colleagues randomly assigned 31 spinal cord injury patients to Fosamax (70 milligrams per week) or placebo, within 10 days of injury, for 12 months.

Climber survives 120ft mountain fall after tourists spot him through telescope

Published: May 6, 2007

20070507bClimber Michael Garton’s life was saved by a man with a telescope after he survived a fall down a sheer rock face on a perilous Norwegian mountain.

Michael was two days into a solo climb to scale the notorious 3,600-feet Troll Wall , the tallest vertical rock face in Europe, when a piece of loose rock gave way and he fell 120 feet onto a sloping ledge still attached to his rope.

His neck was broken as he plunged leaving him paralysed and he lay motionless for ten hours unable to move and slowly freezing to death.

But his climb had been watched by dozens of people gathered in a car park several miles away and one of them, using a high powered telescope spotted 25 year old Michael’s motionless figure.

Shot for Paralysis

Published: May 6, 2007

(WFRV) PHILADELPHIA, PA Right now.. there are no effective therapies for spinal cord injuries.

But a protein injection may help some patients walk again.

Two years ago.. Michelle Robinson was on her way home from work when she was hit by a car.

Michelle Robinson/Patient – “All I remember is hearing a loud screeching noise and I remember going, flying up in the air.”

The accident left the 42-year-old mother paralyzed.

Celling the Elixir of life

Published: May 5, 2007

Stem Cell therapy is being touted as the answer to many chronic ailments. But even as research is being done, many are already benefitting from it.

In the small town of Nagasamudra, just a few miles away from Jog Falls in Karnataka, S B Ramesh, all of 28 years, had built a home with his wife, son and a cable operating business, and dreamt of a fast-paced expansion of his business. Instead, what followed was a nightmare that left him bedridden, numb and disheartened.

Cord blood banking called ‘biological insurance’ – but is it worth the cost?

Published: May 4, 2007

(CP) – Tania and Michael Gurr are expecting their first child in July, and among the decisions the soon-to-be parents must make – from what colour to paint the nursery to the best car seat to buy – is one born from the promise of medical technology.

Should they bank their newborn’s umbilical cord blood in case their child might one day need the regenerative stem cells it contains?

Disabled activists descend on D.C.

Published: May 4, 2007

20070505WASHINGTON — A pair of handcuffs is tucked into one side of Daniese McMullin-Powell’s wheelchair — as always. She keeps a stash of about 150 pairs at home in case she needs to attach herself to a fence to hold her ground when others want her to yield.

She won’t need the handcuffs in this protest, though. Her job will be more pedestrian, if you can say that about someone who gets ‘most everywhere in a power chair.

McMullin-Powell, 61, of Newark, will be a negotiator and strategist as members of ADAPT — American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today — converge on Capitol Hill to seek support for legislation they believe will allow people to avoid life in a nursing home.

‘Problem is, they think a jockey’s life is only worth $100,000’

Published: May 2, 2007

CITRA, Fla. — Remi Gunn, 47, remembers making her move aboard Betty Sue on Aug. 6, 2003, at Ellis Park Thoroughbred Race Track in Henderson, Ky. The horse in front of her was tiring. It staggered in front of her mount and tripped her.

The horse behind her tried to jump Betty Sue. “My horse tried to stand up,” she recalls. Gunn was bowled over and the horse landed on her.

Betty Sue suffered a cut on her ankle and returned to action. Remi Gunn severed her spinal cord, suffered a brain injury, and remains paralyzed from the chest down. “My arms have very little balance,” she says.

Track insurance covered $100,000.