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MARS® Drink gets spinally injured teenagers back on track

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MARS Drink is supporting spinally injured teenagers by encouraging them to get out on the ski runs of Sweden.

Teenagers aged 13-17 who have suffered spinal cord injuries are being supported by The Back-Up Trust with the help of MARS Drink.

MARS Drink supplied fleeces for all the children and the staff of Back-Up to keep them warm and fully prepared for a rewarding week on the slopes.

All the 8 spinally injured teenagers on the course were not only new to skiing, but had brand new passports to get them there! After the trauma of a spinal injury, both parents and children struggle to come to terms with their injury. Back-Up’s ski course aims to meet the needs of everyone involved, not just the kids but the people who care for them too.

The Back-Up Trust runs a range of rehabilitative services for people of all ages with a spinal cord injury. All their work aims to allow people with spinal injury to surpass their aspirations – and, yet again, it seems to have worked!

After 7 days away from home and flying down the ski runs of Åre in Sweden group leader Tim Farr noted: “All the kids really surprised us, they kept overcoming challenges and even when things got tough, they were determined to take part in all the activities and have a great time in the process!

It really makes a difference to the young people and staff to have the support of MARS Drinks.”

Michelle Frost at MARS Drinks was delighted to support such a deserving cause: “All the team at The Back-Up Trust make such an outstanding contribution to the lives of these young people, building their self esteem and motivating them to try something new.

It’s great to see these fantastic young people sporting the MARS Drink logo and having such fun on the slopes.”

Thanks to the support of MARS Drink and The Back-Up Trust there are now 8 teenagers with spinal injury who are buzzing to take on the challenges that lie before them.

To find out more about The Back-Up Trust visit or call 020 8875 1805.

MARS Drink sponsors Tim Farr on his quest for 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver. To find out more log on to

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