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“One Door At A Time” Written by Melanie Winkler D’Andrea about her Husband’s Spinal Cord Injury

Melanie reaches out to caregivers like herself who were dealt a life-changing event as she relates the story of her husband’s spinal cord injury and subsequent treatment and disability.

Melanie Winkler D’Andrea’s new book release titled “One Door At A Time” is about her and her husband’s experience with his spinal cord injury from her perspective as a caregiver. Dan D’Andrea was injured in a work-related injury when he was struck in the back of the neck with a plank, leaving him with a C5-6 spinal cord injury. As a result he is paralyzed from the chest down.

After receiving a multi-million dollar settlement for his injury, Dan donated nearly one million dollars to start the Dan D’Andrea Foundation. The goal of his foundation is to help individuals with disabilities, spread awareness about people with disabilities, and support spinal cord research and treatment.

Melanie has written this book in hopes of reaching out to other caregivers who were, and are in, the position she found herself when this life-changing accident happened. This book presents Melanie’s point of view as a wife and caregiver as she accompanies her husband on a journey from the day of her husband’s injury, to the hospital treatment unit, the spinal cord rehab facility and finally back home. It is Dan’s and Melanie’s journey as they adjust to their new lives living with a spinal cord injury.

Those who have been in the role of caregiver, or know someone who has been in the role of caregiver, have indeed experienced the variety of feelings identified in this book. At a time when comfort and support are flowing in the direction of the individual with the disability/illness, the caregiver often feels awash in a sea of guilt, loneliness and helplessness. This book provides comfort and support for the caregiver, revealing places in the mind where no one admits they go.

For more information visit: “One Door At A Time” is available on, Barnes and, and Kindle ebooks.


Melanie D’Andrea

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