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Layout, Counters, and Cabinets

* Unobstructed space around the refrigerator, stove, sink, and table for the wheelchair; an L- or U-shaped design is efficient and requires the least turning
* Smooth, non-skid floor surface
* Counter height of 30 – 33 inches with undercounter clearance; a standard 36 inch counter can be modified with a pullout shelf at 30 inches.
* High recessed base under the cabinets to accommodate wheelchair footrests
* Cabinet door pulls, pullout boards, and drawers that have built-in stops and are easy to use
* Portable shelf units on casters and/or narrow pullout shelves for single-row storage for more accessible storage

Sinks and Refrigerators

* Sinks that are no deeper than 6 inches, have drainage at the rear, allow for knee space underneath; underside sink surface and pipes are insulated; adjustable-height sinks are available.
* Insulated swivel arm faucet, capable of swing over the adjacent countertop; spray attachment, instant hot water sink attachment, a sink garbage disposal, and trash compactor are recommended
* For persons with limited reach, levers to control water flow can be placed below the counter rim to one side of the bowl.
* A two-door, side-by-side, self-defrosting, refrigerator-freezer is recommended; if a one-door refrigerator is available, the freezer should be at the bottom for the wheelchair user, or, at the top for an ambulatory person with a Disability

Ovens and Cook-tops

* A built-in oven, with a side-hung door that opens away from the light source, no knee space below, and oven shelves with non-tip stops that pull out easily
* A pullout board under the oven for transferring and preparing food
* Burners in a single row at the rear section of the cook-top (so the front section can be used to prepare food) and flush with adjacent surfaces to for easy sliding of pots and pans
* Controls located at the front section of the cook-top, as well as a lip along the front edge or a slot with a drain pan below to minimize the dangers of spillage.
* Switch for range hood vent positioned within easy reach


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