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Sexual expression in the SCI female is generally less affected in sexual function, than the male, because it is physically easier for the woman to adapt a passive sexual role. A low self-concept and poor body image may interfere with sexual behavior.

In complete SCI, vaginal secretions are affected and some literature suggests vaginal lubricants be used. Breathing, pulse rate, and blood pressure increases in the SCI woman just as they do in the able-bodied woman. The clitoris and labia swell in women with SCI as well.

Some positions for intercourse are as follows:

* Female on back, male on top; pillows can be placed under woman’s leg for support.
* Partners on their sides, facing each other
* Partners on their sides, male entering from rear
* Female on back, holding legs up and back, male on top
* Female on top, pulling with arms and hands around partners neck and shoulders
* Female on stomach, partner entering from rear
* Females on male’s lap, using a rocking motion.

It is ideal for partners to be free to use whatever activities, fantasies, artificial devices, and other sensual expressions that are acceptable and pleasurable to them. Mutual masturbation, hugging, oral stimulation of feeling areas, or any other form of pleasurable stipulations, may be included in the expression of sexuality.


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