Published: June 3, 2006

Although spinal cord injured men may lose the ability to maintain erection, ejaculate, or experience orgasm, their sex drive often remains strong.

If you are a Paraplegic male, with practice, you can learn to have intercourse in the “on-top” position using the “stuffing” technique. The man can assume the top position and, with his fingers, tuck his flaccid, soft penis into the vagina. By thrusting her hips and using the muscles of her vagina, his partner takes the soft penis into her vagina with a sort of pulling, sucking movement. While the flaccid penis gives a sensation of penetration that can be very satisfying in itself, the motion of the hips and the muscle action of the vagina often cause a Reflex erection.

A male with a high level injury may also use the “stuffing” technique. His able-bodied partner can kneel over him and use her fingers for tucking the penis into her vagina.

A Catheter may be worn during intercourse, but it should be taped in place and/or a condom should be worn to keep it in place. Sufficient lubrication will be needed under these conditions. Take care not to anchor the catheter down while the penis is still soft. It should be allowed to slide in the penis as the erection is taking place. If you plan to use no urinary application during sexual activity, it is wise empty the bladder before beginning. It is a good idea to keep a urinal receptacle near the bed.

A commonly used means of sexual expression for the spinal cord injured male, is the use of the mouth to excite and give pleasure to his or her partner.

Assumptions to Sexuality

* Whatever seems satisfying and pleasurable to a couple is acceptable as long as they mutually agree.
* Is important for people to experiment and discover what is satisfying.
* It is important for couples to communicate to each other what they have found pleasing and satisfying


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