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Just cut em’ off

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People can be very friendly and offer great advice. More so than you’d ever imagine if you would only open yourself up a little to receive. For instance, a gentleman who had lost his legs in an accident years before was sitting at a table where a few older friends would hang out, swap stories and listen to the owner of the pub’s band. During one of the bands breaks, he rolled around the table, introduced himself and we shared the formalities of why we were in wheelchairs. He was curious how I managed with paralysis and tried to compare the benefits or drawbacks as if he were deciding which situation was better.

Clearly he had the upper hand. Lightning struck and bright ideas flowed forward as he suggested to simply “Cut em’ off!” Then he confirmed all of the benefits of not having legs like “you’d loose all that dead weight, putting on pants would be so much easier and nothing would get in the way of your gas and break peddles in the car.” “Ya, just cut em’ off!” Convinced he really might be on to something, I didn’t want to put my new friends ideas down so I politely questioned, “What would I do with all of my shoes?” And the band began to play …

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