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Trying to get a date

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Asking someone out isn’t easy if you’re in a wheelchair or not. For most people, this can be a pretty awkward deal. I’ve wrestled with the thought that someone might just say “yes” to a date for “Pity’s Sake” or “no” because they fear they’d get too close. Neither answer is good if the truth is known. I’ve talked with several people who share a common theme in regard to the pursuit of companionship, well… it pretty much sucks. But then, so does lonlieness.

I don’t pretend to think that a mind is a good thing to waste. It just so happens to seem that way whenever the small talk starts. Whenever that teenage laden hormonal streak hits us men chair or not, we seem to throw caution into the wind. So when I’m 50 and this happens, I hope that I’ll have the courage to finish my oatmeal and go back to bed. But until then, the emotional trials of second guessing what the other might be thinking can be brutal. We’d be better off pulling on the peddles of flowers, She loves me… …Not! All this thinking can drive you nuts. Sometimes a mind is waste.

I’ve given up on the one night stand scenario years ago. It helps to get to know someone and be bold enough to say that you’d like to take them out or invite them over for a movie. I’ve had my share of stammers and stutters then the ultimate, “Uh, sorry, I have to wash my poodle, how about in a month or so.” Having the courage and asking someone out for a date is less than half the battle. Getting to know someone well enough to ask is another story. I’ve yet to find the line at the grocery store long enough to get a number. But who has time with all those great magazine covers to read?

Bottom line in life is we don’t often get a second chance to make an ass of ourselves, it usually happens on the first go-around. So step up and put your best grin forward and come up with a simple question like, “dinner maybe?” And see if she agrees or if she trips all over herself trying to get away. The odds will be in your favor if you do the leg-work and get to know someone a little before popping the question. It always seems easier when it just happens. But then a blind squirrel is bound to find a nut sooner or later so just keep trying. I had a buddy who used to randomly ask girls to join him getting naked in the parking lot. Some laughed, some cringed but he also managed to find a taker and he was not a real handsome dude. You just have to choose a style that’s right for you.

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