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by: Mark -
by: Mark -
When I was working for NationsBank in Greensboro, NC, I had to travel between Columbia, SC and Dallas, TX quite often. OK. Three or four times a year. One time coming home, the airline people had no clue of what they were doing. I never liked those strait back chairs that carry you down the isle. You kinda feel like Hannibal Lector all strapped in. The guy picked up on the back of the chair leaving the front on the ground. I assumed this person never read the instructions for a wheelbarrow but you guessed it. They rolled me. Well, almost rolled me. One of the straps actually held. Needless to say composure was lost in front of the other 250 passengers. It all worked out. If this was the greatest of embarrassments I’ll ever face, then bring on Broadway.

I have had the greatest experience with the flight attendants on the planes. Most have the ability to cater to you without making you feel like a “special” passenger. The last trip I made from Pittsburgh to Greensboro, I spent a few minutes talking with one attendant and we hit it off. She had a real kindness about her. Strange that doesn’t seem to happen at home….hummm. Well, bragging rights aside, she kissed me when I left the plane. Right on the lips in front of God and everybody. Well, the others had already left but that mile high club was looking pretty promising. It ended that way. I’d fly again just for the thought that something like could ever happen again. I wish you much luck when flying and take breath mints!!!

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