Tuesday, August 9, 2022


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ParaPerks is a mobile application provided to users with all types of mobility impairments that allows them to rate and review visited locations!

ParaPerks LLC. Came about early in the year of 2015. Brandon Winfield, the CEO/Founder of ParaPerks LLC., was injured in a motocross accident at the age of 14. This is a very young age that is a turning point for most people. You can either one, let such a dramatic incident slow you down and stop you from living life or two, take this setback as a set up for a comeback. Take everything in stride and continue living life to your best ability. Brandon chose route number two. He continued his love for racing in the form of 4 wheels. He entered sprint kart racing and won numerous events. He continued to travel the country with his best friends, spending time in Southern California, Vegas, Miami, Tampa, Orlando and numerous other locations. While on his adventures he started to realize that most places he visited were up to ADA code (Americans with Disabilities Act). But numerous places were coming up short. This is what sparked the idea for a mobile application, that would allow people with mobility impairments to rate, review and post photos of venues such as restaurants, lounges, clubs and bars that they were visiting, on the go. Creating this community of people in similar situations, would give others an idea of what they were getting themselves into, before visiting a certain place. This takes a lot of the guess work of going out, out of the equation. Allowing for a stress free, relaxing night out on the town with your friends, family or significant other.

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