Friday, August 19, 2022

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App helps drivers in wheelchairs get help at the gas pump

Langley's Zosia Ettenberg says refuelling in wheelchair impossible without assistance The simple act of filling a gas tank can be an insurmountable challenge for...

Apple Accessibility — Designed for everyone

Designed for Todd S. Todd is the CEO of a technology consulting company and a prominent member of the quadriplegic community. With Siri, Switch Control,...

Tecla expands its accessibility features for users with limited mobility to IOT devices

For the past seven years, the Canadian technology developer Komodo Openlabs has been working on a device called Tecla that allow users with limited...

Magic Fingers SMS Helper – Connect SMS Messages to IFTTT

Who is it For? Anybody really, but I (Stuart Turner) am quadriplegic and we developed this so I could call for help, especially in the...

How to set up and track Apple Watch wheelchair workouts

People in wheelchairs no longer get treated like second-class citizens when it comes to Apple Watch’s fitness-tracking features. With the recent watchOS 3.0 update,...

ParaPerks ParaPerks is a mobile application provided to users with all types of mobility impairments that allows them to rate and review visited locations! ParaPerks LLC....

Christopher Hills: My Journey with Education and Technology This is a video Christopher Hills made as part of a presentation he gave to Alberta Education. Follow Christopher Hills on Twitter:

The iPhone setting that changed this man’s life

Todd Stabelfeldt is sending his wife a romantic text. He taps his chin on a button mounted on his wheelchair, then grins, pleased with his wooing. A quadriplegic since he was 8, Stabelfeldt can't move anything below his neck. Now a 36-year-old engineer and business owner, he's turned his wheelchair into a powerful mobile communication hub using switches, a Bluetooth headset and an iPhone 6.

Christopher Hills: iOS Switch Control Overview

An overview of three ways Switch Control can work to suit different needs.

iLove Stories of Independence

An amazing insight on how technology is empowering independence. The clip shares the positive impact on two people, how one person is sharing it with his community, and explains why one special company needs a huge “thank you” for making it possible.