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Magic Fingers SMS Helper – Connect SMS Messages to IFTTT

| Source: magic-fingers.org
Spinal Cord Injury:

Who is it For?

Anybody really, but I (Stuart Turner) am quadriplegic and we developed this so I could call for help, especially in the middle of the night. Using Magic Fingers I can use the voice recognition on my smartphone to text message my smart lightbulbs and flash them different colours (blue for assistance, red for emergency help, etc). In this way I can signal carers or family immediately, wherever they are in the house, without yelling for ages. It’s obviously highly adaptable and extensible, however, and can be used to “press” many kinds of “button” / trigger many kinds of actions.

Connect SMS Messages to IFTTT

This application scans incoming SMS messages from your Twilio number for keywords (commands). You can set any keywords. Each command is mapped to an IFTTT Maker channel event and triggers a IFTTT recipe. By using Twilio directly, you can avoid some of the SMS channel limitations on IFTTT (such as the cost of the SMS messages if you’re outside the US).

For more information check out <Robots and Cake!>.

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