Wheelchair World

Published: January 23, 2017  |  Source: wheelchairworld.info

We can all help each other to travel more comfortably by sharing our experiences!

WheelchairWorld features holidays and travel reviews and resources for and  by wheelchair users. It was started by a wheelchair user and it invites contributions from other wheelchair users ,

There are loads of excellent reviews and resources out there for wheelchair users, produced by and used by other wheelchair users. In addition to giving individuals a space to share their experiences, Wheelchair World provides links to other great wheelchair users sites, useful information and service providers!

Wheelchair World reviews the complete travel experience – where you stayed, room adaptations, how you travelled, places you visited…but it’s not just about wheelchair accessibility, it is about your review of the holiday or travel – what you liked, loved or hated! We all have different interests and abilities so you can find and share all different experiences here!