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Woman in wheelchair to make charity skydive

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A woman who is wheelchair-bound after a horrific car crash is to leap from an aeroplane to help others with similar spinal injuries.

Tanya Hawes, 35, was paralysed from the neck down after being involved in a car accident 10 years ago.

But Tanya, from Red Lodge, near Newmarket, has always been determined not to let her disabilities stop her achieving her goals.

Now the brave fundraiser is all set to make a sponsored parachute jump on Saturday to raise money for the Spinal Injuries Association.

Accompanying her will be her friend of 16 years, Tracey Pimbley, 38, from Newmarket.

Tanya said: “When you receive a spinal injury your whole life changes overnight. One minute you’re able to do all the normal things like walking and eating and then all of a sudden you can’t.

“I’ve been determined not to let my disabilities stop me doing things ever since the accident happened and now I want to thank the Spinal Injuries Association.”

By doing the parachute jump, which will be held in Peterborough, the pair hope to raise as much money for the charity as possible.

They are also appealing for any businesses that might be able to sponsor them to come forward.

Tanya said: “It hasn’t really sunk in that I’m doing yet but I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

“I’ll be strapped onto a specialist spinal cord injury instructor so that I can land safely, which is a relief, and Tracey will also be attached to someone.

“I’m just so grateful that Tracey’s as crazy as me and is willing to do it with me.

“We want to raise as much money as we can and raise the profile of the association at the same time.”

To sponsor the women online, visit: and


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