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Boy receives Track Chair from Outdoor Ability Foundation

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Tucker-WickThe Outdoor Ability Foundation donates a $10,000 chair to an 8-year-old

FULTONDALE, Ala. —Tucker Wick is a boy who loves the outdoors, but getting around isn’t easy. Trying to find the right “tools” to be outside has been a struggle. But today, thanks to the Outdoor Ability Foundation he’s getting freedom, in the form of a really cool ride.

Grayson Phillips, 16, and his dad, Scott, founded the Outdoor Ability Foundation. They love the outdoors and want to help other families do the same. Grayson was born with Spina Bifida, so they know the challenges firsthand.

“When I’d see the guys that needed the equipment, I would want to give them the equipment, but it wasn’t really mine to give, so we started this,” Grayson said.

The foundation aims to eliminate boundaries for all kids. They retrofit hunting gear and even skiing equipment for anyone who needs it.

Today they presented tucker wick with a track chair or as Tucker calls it, “the tank-chair”.


“Because now, I don’t have to use a beach wheelchair; I can use this.  This can go in the ocean waters,” Tucker said.

Tucker is already making plans for a beach trip. He knows how lucky he is.  Now Tucker, like Grayson, can roam the wilderness.

“We just gave away the Cadillac of what we give, so we are looking forward to giving a lot more of it,” Grayson said.

Being outdoors means a great deal to Tucker and now he can enjoy it a little more.

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