Friday, July 19, 2024

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Accessible Hunter creator inspires others to get back into the woods

It was, for Greg Traynor, a moment of revelation. It was autumn, his favorite time of year. And he was in the woods, archery hunting,...
Casey Moore's Trackchair

David’s Chair opens the way back into the outdoors

Casey Moore’s withered right hand pushes the small joystick that thrusts a special wheelchair down a TouVelle State Park trail, with the chair’s tracks...

Quadriplegic remembered as avid deer hunter, outdoorsman

David Pollie's favorite place in the world was in the woods, and being a quadriplegic since the age of 15 did not stop him...

Boy receives Track Chair from Outdoor Ability Foundation

Tucker Wick is a boy who loves the outdoors, but getting around isn't easy. Trying to find the right "tools" to be outside has been a struggle. But today, thanks to the Outdoor Ability Foundation he's getting freedom, in the form of a really cool ride.

Paralyzed Veterans to Receive Specialty Wheelchairs from ITC Employees

Hunting, fishing and other outdoor pursuits are often out of reach for paralyzed military veterans. Soon, with the help of ITC employees, more veterans will have access to specialized all-terrain wheelchairs.

Company surprises employee with high-tech wheelchair

A company known for its top-secret tanks is keeping its biggest and best secret for one of their own. For the past four months employees at Howe and Howe Technologies in Waterboro have been secretly building a "Ripchair 3.0" for Tony Tulo, a salesperson at the company who is paralyzed from the chest down.