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Neighbors extend helping hand

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Family, friends build home for accident victim and his family

ST. GEORGE – Community members have banded together to assist a family through its tragedy.

On Dec. 23, Dave Thompson was one of the survivors of a fatal car accident on state Route 9 in Hurricane.

He was transported to LDS Hospital with a spinal cord injury.

Danielle Thompson, 22, one of Dave’s daughters, said it is still uncertain when he will be released from the hospital, but doctors say it could take about four weeks.

Because the accident has left Dave Thompson wheelchair-bound, family members realized their home located at 490 S. 600 East was not accessible to his needs.

Sasha Thompson, 15, one of Dave’s daughters, said they were already starting to add on to their house before the accident.

“Since the accident, we just didn’t know how he could really function around our house,” she said.

Scott Sullivan, instigator of the project, said he has known the Thompson family for about 7 years. The project began Jan. 19 and is expected to be completed Feb. 14.

“We want it ready for him (Dave Thompson) when he comes home,” he said.

Scott Sullivan said there are hundreds of people involved in the building of the house.

“The home has been 100 percent donated: It will be redecorated, refurnished and rebuilt,” he said. “All the volunteers are gaining as much or more as the Thompsons in this effort.”

Scott Sullivan said the Thompsons are good people.

“They just continue to give when they have nothing to give. Now the opportunity came for us to give.”

Holly Sullivan, Scott’s wife, said they have been thinking about remodeling the Thompsons’ home for more than a year.

“The accident spearheaded it,” she said.

Scott Sullivan said the original plan was to remodel the home. Now volunteers are redoing the home from the inside out.

“When we got to looking at it, (the home) was too old and decided to just start over,” he said.

Scott Sullivan said part of the home was built in the 1940s and was 1,500 square feet. When the house is complete, it will be 2,100 square feet with a two-car garage.

Holly Sullivan said the shower, bathroom and halls are wider as part of making it more accessible for Dave Thompson.

She added that building the home has been a community effort.

“It’s just blown me away how many people have come to help. People have dug a little deeper in their pockets,” Holly Sullivan said.

Scott Sullivan said the goal is to pay off the Thompsons’ mortgage.

The Thompson family has been grateful for the service that community members have given them.

“It’s so neat to know that people were thinking about our family. It’s just a humbling experience,” Sasha Thompson said.

People can go to any Zions Bank and make a donation in Dave Thompson’s name to contribute to the building of the home.


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