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New Recovery Gym For Spinal Cord Injury Patients

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An injury to your spine can be devastating, leaving victims forever paralyzed, unable to walk, care for themselves or even breathe.

But there’s new hope for spinal cord injury patients in Central Texas. Brackenridge Hospital has opened a new recovery gym designed especially for them.

It’s key to many patients in their recovery and return to an independent lifestyle.

The courageous but tragic life of actor Christopher Reeve is but one example of the catastrophic results of spinal injury.

But many spinal cord injury patients return to healthy, productive lives with the right Rehabilitation.

And now Central Texans have a facility to speed them up on their recovery.

It’s a gym especially designed for them at the Brackenridge Brain and Spine Center.

Recent studies show that cardiovascular exercise and weight training vastly improve body functions and mobility for spinal injury patients.

And for people like Troy Taylor, it makes all the difference.

“Just in the little amount of time that I’ve been in the program, I’ve been able to do more for myself: such as feeding, bathing, dressing. And I’ve been able to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle in general,” Taylor said.

Recovery Gym at Brackenridge Brain and Spine Center also includes a sort of obstacle course for wheelchair-bound patients, helping them prepare for real life situations in a still wheelchair-unfriendly world.


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