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Andy Cohen & Murderball featured on ATTACK OF THE SHOW!

| Source: g4tv.com/attackoftheshow

Here’s Andy’s bio from the Murderball movie website:

“Andy was an ‘any and every sport’ athlete until he suffered a broken neck and spinal cord injury as a passenger in a car on his way home from school at age 16. Andy struggled with the adjustments and Depression from the resulting incomplete Quadriplegia until he discovered Quad Rugby. Murderball proved to be the perfect competitive outlet that was missing in Andy’s life. Having played for nearly ten seasons for the PhoenixHeat and the last four seasons for TeamUSA, Andy has excelled in the sport he loves, even earning the Athlete of the Year award in 2002. Off the court Andy enjoys volunteering at local hospitals and rehabs as a peer mentor to new patients with spinal cord injuries. Outside of Murderball, Andy is obsessed with X-Box and Texas Hold ‘Em poker and can always be found listening to music in warm ups — especially Linkin Park and Jack Johnson.”

Head over to www.murderballmovie.com for more info.

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