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Quadriplegic mother over comes the odds; reaches goals

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BENTON, Ark.-A Benton mother not letting an injury stop her from reaching her goals.

Jen Goodwin suffered a spinal cord injury from a boating accident 11 years ago.

She has her dream job and enjoying life with her son Beckham!

Jen Goodwin says the journey hasn’t always been easy. She had to learn how to do things on her own in a wheel chair.

It’s a race between Jen Goodwin and her three year old son Beckham.

“It is the most amazing thing. I’ve wanted this for so long,” Goodwin said.

It’s a bond that can’t be broken.

“I remember the days I longed to be a momma and Mother’s Day was always hard but, now I got a little boy who looks up to me and it’s pretty awesome,” Goodwin said.

A boating accident changed her life 11 years ago.

“I found out I had a spinal cord injury and became quadriplegic immediately,” Goodwin said.

The battle wasn’t easy, but it didn’t stop Jen from reaching her goals.

“Learning to feed myself, learning to dress myself again, learning to do anything in a wheelchair instead of my feet,” Goodwin said.

She graduated from the Bowen School of Law in Little Rock.

“I’m at Arkansas Children’s Hospital with the medical legal partnership and so I go in and help children and their families,” Goodwin said.

Her home was built just for her and her needs.

“It’s completely flat on the bottom floor. Everything is low..I can different things out,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin says she is living her best night.

“From day one I just told everyone this is going to be okay and this is our new story and we are going to figure it out,” Goodwin said.

Little Beckham and her family are right by her side.

“This is just normal for him, he knows how to climb up on me and he knows how to make things work,” Goodwin said.

Enjoying Mother’s Day and truly understanding how precious the gift of life is.

She says she is grateful for her mom who’s been her biggest supporter.

By: Re’Chelle Turner

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