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If wayne saves one, it’s worth it

| Source: frasercoastchronicle.com.au

Jumping off the jetties at Hervey Bay might be all fun and games for local kids – until someone gets hurt.

In an effort to reduce the risk of spinal injuries the Fraser Coast Regional Council has donated $1000 to the Spinal Education Awareness Team so presenter Wayne Leo can visit Fraser Coast schools and share his story.

Mr Leo suffered a spinal cord injury 25 years ago when he was hit by a car while riding his motorbike home from work.

The driver of the car did not stop.

Since that day Mr Leo has used a wheelchair.

“If I can save just one child from a lifetime using a wheelchair, then all of these presentations and hours of sharing my story have been worthwhile,” he said.

“The satisfaction I get from connecting with a group of students and see them take on board the safety messages I share is enormous.”

Mr Leo has been travelling around Queensland visiting schools for the past 22 years and this week took his story to the senior students at Hervey Bay High School.

“There is currently no cure for spinal cord injury – your spinal cord has the consistency of a banana and once it’s damaged you have to use a wheelchair for life,” he said.

Mr Leo will visit Fraser Coast Anglican College in the next few months.

Loretta Bryce

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