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ABC’s Good Morning America Features ReWalk

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ReWalk was featured on Good Morning America on February 4th.

Here’s what happened on the show:

One of the show’s hosts, George Stephanopoulos, got to witness a new participant in the clinical trials take his first steps since 1985.  Ralph Filipkowski suffered a spinal injury after a truck fell on top of him.  He said very little, but had a huge smile on his face after he took those first steps for the first time in years.

Floyd Morrow, 62, suffered a spinal cord injury back in 2006 in a boating accident.  He was interviewed and was very enthusiastic about walking because his doctors told him he’d never walk again.

Alysse Einbender, the first female to use ReWalk, was also interviewed.  She’s been using the ReWalk for several weeks already.  For her, it seems the ReWalk has helped emotionally and mentally.  She loves being able to look at others eye to eye.

George Stephanopoulos was also allowed to try the ReWalk suit on to see what it felt like while being used.  He seemed both amazed and impressed with how it works.

There was also a very nice article on GMA which you can read it here.

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