Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tag: Mouth Painting

A life – in motion [video]

Looking for a high spot to watch a flotilla of tall ships in the dimming light, they climbed up to the third floor of a condo under construction, and were ready to settle into an unfinished balcony.

A life – in motion

It was the early 1980s, and Robb Dunfield, 19, was ready to celebrate the first night of summer with his friends in Vancouver’s Spanish...

Will Walk. Artwork by mouth painter Jared Dunten

In a unique mixed media collaboration shown at the Bass Concert Hall, Jared Dunten and Marty Butler challenge the viewer to intimately experience their...

Radiant Strokes

Meet artist Jared Dunten who sets an inspirational example of hope as he shares his dream of overcoming paralysis through painting.

Dunten Studios

Enjoy the art and maybe even find a piece you would like to own. Many of the originals I have hanging in my own...

Quadriplegic Artist Tommy Hollenstein

Hollenstein uses his front and rear tires, swirling bright and sometimes hot colored paint in patterns, lines or circles. There is a rhythm, a...