Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Tag: thought-controlled

Virtual Reality Is Now Helping Paralyzed Patients Walk Again

Brain Machine Interface plus Virtual Reality plus Exoskeletons, this is all that it takes to trigger the recovery of patients affected by Spinal Cord...

Quadriplegic man feels touch on robotic hand with brain implant

This could be the most touchy-feely robotic limb yet. For the first time, brain stimulation has made it possible for a paralysed person to...

Mind-Controlled Virtual Keyboard Helps Paralysis Patients; Nearly As Good As One-Finger Typing

People with spinal cord injuries and neurological diseases often struggle to communicate with the outside world. While researchers have developed thought-controlled keypads to help bridge that gap

Mind-control exoskeleton gives unprecedented paralysis recovery

An exoskeleton that enables movement and provides tactile feedback has helped eight paralysed people regain sensation and move previously paralysed muscles "I FELT the ball!"...