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I need help in getting something so I can use my computer. Can you help me?

Head Master Plus
Head Master Plus

I’m a C3-C5 Quadriplegic with very little movement. If your able to move your head there are a few products to choose from…

Here is what I use…

I use a “Headmaster” to move my mouse. It has a sip/puff switch that I use to click. I wear the headmaster just like headphones, see picture. To type I use a Onscreen Keyboard. More Information below. This is what I’ve used for four years now. I’m a graphic designer and use the computer a lot.

There are a few products to choose from, here is a few of my favs.

Mouse Pointers
My Opinion
This is what I use and think is the best.
I have tried the SmartNAV mouse but found it to unreliable & jumpy.

Onscreen Keyboards


My Opinion
This is what I use on my Windows machine. Very Configurable
Microsoft’s Keyboard
comes pre-installed on most computers with XP or Vista
Skeleton Key
Small compact interface
I use this keyboard on my Macintosh computer. Love It!


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