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Monthly Archives: February 2006

Rehab Methods Equally Good at Restoring Walking Ability

Published: February 28, 2006

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28 – When getting patients with incomplete spinal cord injuries back on their feet and walking, either of two rehab approaches seems to be as good as the other.

So it emerged from a 146-patient multicenter study that tested a method involving body-weight support on a treadmill versus an over-ground mobility training method.

Olympic flag passed onto Vancouver mayor for 2010 Winter Games

Published: February 27, 2006

cc_sam2TURIN, Italy — The Olympic flag has been passed to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Games.

Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan accepted the five-ringed flag from International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge on Sunday night during the closing ceremonies of the Turin Winter Games.

Sullivan, a quadriplegic since a skiing accident at the age of 19, needed a special holster on his motorized wheelchair to wave the flag. Rogge inserted the flag’s pole into the holster, then Sullivan rolled his chair on the stage to wave the flag eight times, bring a standing ovation from the crowd.

Scientist Hopes For Stem Cell Success

Published: February 26, 2006

image302176x(CBS) If paralyzed people are ever going to walk again, it might be because of the scientist in this story. His name is Dr. Hans Keirstead and he has made great strides using human embryonic stem cells. He is among the best and the brightest in his field — a field that shows enormous promise, but has been restricted by a ban on federal funding for research because it involves the destruction of human embryos.

To move the science forward, California allocated its own money to pay for stem cell research, luring some of the top scientists in the nation, who are doing cutting edge work that could change the way we treat disease.

Murderball Nominated for an Academy Award

Published: February 25, 2006

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, Murderball also took the Audience Award for an American Documentary and a Special Jury Prize for Editing at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. MURDERBALL is presented by THINKFilm in association with A&E Indie Films and is an EAT Film Production.

MURDERBALL features fierce rivalry, stopwatch suspense, dazzling athletic prowess, larger-than-life personalities, and triumph over daunting odds.

Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center

Published: February 22, 2006
Center for Assistive Technology
Center for Assistive Technology

The Southeast Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center is one of ten Regional ADA & I T Centers on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessible information technology (IT) in education funded since 1991 by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR).

Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access (CATEA)

Published: February 22, 2006
Center for Assistive Technology
Center for Assistive Technology

The Center for Assistive Technology & Environmental Access (CATEA), formerly known as the Center for Rehabilitation Technology, has been in existence for over 20 years. CATEA is a unit of the College of Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. We are supported in our mission by strategic partners and a national advisory council.

The Diveheart Foundation

Published: February 20, 2006

image004Building confidence and independence in children and adults with disabilities is the primary mission of the Diveheart Foundation

Through SCUBA diving, snorkeling and related activities the Diveheart Foundation supports and facilitates programs that teach children and adults with disabilities to fly.

Thanks to the “wonder of the water column”, the oceans and lakes of the world become the forgiving weightless Environment of outer space, giving perfect buoyancy and balance to a child or adult who might otherwise struggle on land.

Diveheart Foundation

Published: February 20, 2006
Diveheart Foundation
Diveheart Foundation

The Diveheart Foundation was founded in Early 2001 and is a non-profit tax exempt ( 501-C3 ) national organization chartered in the state of Illinois.  The purpose of Diveheart is to provide and support educational SCUBA diving and snorkeling experience programs that are open to any physically impaired child or adult in the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value to that person.

It is the “CAN DO” spirit that the Diveheart Foundation hopes to instill in all its participants.  Giving them the confidence and independence that allows them to face their own life challenges and overcome barriers that before might have seemed insurmountable.

Tetra Society of North America

Published: February 18, 2006
Tetra Society of North America
Tetra Society of North America

The Tetra Society of North America is dedicated to assisting people with disabilities to achieve an independent and fulfilling life in the community.

Geron wants to test stem-cell spinal cord treatment in humans

Published: February 16, 2006

Scientists have made stunning progress helping paralyzed rats and mice walk again by injecting them with stem cells. Now researchers at Geron of Menlo Park want to take the next step — in people.

They hope to get federal permission to inject those cells into damaged spinal cords. The procedure — which Geron intends to do next year — would be the first human tests of a treatment derived from human embryonic stem cells, the highly versatile body cells that can be coaxed into becoming almost any tissue in the body.