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The Diveheart Foundation

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image004Building confidence and independence in children and adults with disabilities is the primary mission of the Diveheart Foundation

Through SCUBA diving, snorkeling and related activities the Diveheart Foundation supports and facilitates programs that teach children and adults with disabilities to fly.

Thanks to the “wonder of the water column”, the oceans and lakes of the world become the forgiving weightless Environment of outer space, giving perfect buoyancy and balance to a child or adult who might otherwise struggle on land.

It is the “CAN DO” spirit that the Diveheart Foundation hopes to instill in all its participants. Giving them the confidence and independence that allows them to face their own life challenges and overcome barriers that before might have seemed insurmountable.

The Diveheart Foundation was founded in Early 2001 and is a non-profit tax-exempt (501-C3) national organization chartered in the state of Illinois. Diveheart provides and supports educational SCUBA diving, snorkeling and other related experience programs that are open to any child or adult with disabilities, in the hope of providing both physical and psychological therapeutic value.

Diveheart is a volunteer organization, which depends on freewill contributions and fundraising activities to continue its work. We welcome your tax-deductible contributions.

Volunteers are the Lifeblood of


As a DIVEHEART volunteer you can “unleash your creativity” and lend your support in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples of how you can become a “Friend of DIVEHEART”.

♥Dive buddy – Certified SCUBA divers can learn to assist disabled divers both in the pool and open water.

♥Business Friend of DIVEHEART – A variety of businesses already support DIVEHEART through direct financial, product and/or service donations.

♥Carry & Display DIVEHEART merchandise – Dive shops, retailers and other businesses can agree to display and resell DIVEHEART trademarked merchandise, with all proceeds benefiting the DIVEHEART Foundation.

♥Event Volunteers – Help out at DIVEHEART Fundraisers, outings and other events and activities.

♥SCUBA Diving Instructors – get certified to teach students with disabilities.

♥Friends of DIVEHEART – lend your support through leveraging of resources & personal skills as well as financial support & getting the word out about DIVEHEART through publicity & word of mouth.

Become a “Friend of DIVEHEART” today!

The Diveheart Foundation
900 Ogden Ave # 274
Downers Grove,IL 60515

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