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Monthly Archives: January 2007

First Middle East Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference opens today at Arab Health

Published: January 31, 2007

The UAE needs more Rehabilitation facilities and specialists to ensure quality of life and function for its injured and disabled population, experts from the nation’s medical community said at the 1st Middle East Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Conference in Dubai.

The two-day conference, part of the Arab Health 2007 congress being held at the Dubai International Convention Centre, highlights the importance of rehabilitation in the recovery process, and focuses on the rehabilitation of spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, stroke and musculoskeletal disorders.

Plano East wrestler receives support

Published: January 31, 2007

Donations roll in for Plano East junior, who faces more surgery today

Ammon Butcher was never a star as a high school wrestler. His coach at Plano East described him as a “program kid,” the kind who might never win a state title but loves the sport anyway.

Ever since Butcher lost feeling from the chest down after being injured in a match Jan. 12, he’s become one of the most recognizable names in area wrestling circles.

Former Classmates Bring Smile To Paralyzed Teen

Published: January 30, 2007

lg1CAMDEN, N.J. A Camden County teen recovering from a devastating football injury got a big boost on Tuesday.

Shykem Lawrence suffered a spinal cord injury during a scrimmage in August and some former school mates brought a smile to his face.

Shykem had some special visitors on Tuesday; kids from his home town of Camden. Some included former classmates from Woodrow Wilson High.

Survey of Pain and Fatigue in Adults with Disabilities

Published: January 29, 2007


Announcing a new study of pain and fatigue in adults with Multiple Sclerosis and spinal cord injury.


Pain and fatigue are the most common symptoms reported by people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and spinal cord injury (SCI). They interfere with employment, enjoyment of life and participation in important activities. Both symptoms can be treated with a variety of approaches, but we have a long way to go before we can say with confidence that pain and fatigue can be effectively treated.

Eigen’s spinal injury leads Old Forge community to rally around athlete

Published: January 28, 2007

5425781653c195Kiel Eigen remembers the bounce in his step and the butterflies fluttering in his stomach.

He had been waiting for some time for that kickoff. It would be the first of the Old Forge freshmen team’s season. And the first play of his season.

Then, it came. Quickly.

He kicked off, then raced to make a tackle on the Western Wayne returner. He over-pursued and missed the ball carrier completely.

Love Bloomed, Despite Paralysis, After She Saved His Life

Published: January 28, 2007

Maryann Soucy and Daniel Spradley went bowling on their first date in 2005. Last week they bowled again – Danny’s first outing since August.

“I used to be so athletic. I worked hard,” says Danny, currently in Rehabilitation at the Hospital for Special Care in New Britain. “I struggle now to put on my shirt,” a task he wrestled with for five months after being told he would never move his arms again.

“I can’t put on my sweater. My muscle strength isn’t there yet,” Danny says. But “I’m hoping to be home by June 16. My goal is to be somewhat self-sufficient” by then, his 28th birthday.

Year after paralyzing injury, player strides back to Cornell

Published: January 27, 2007

snipshot_aqvb5rv8218Hard work, support drive Gant’s return

ITHACA — It has been a year since a collision on a basketball court changed Khaliq Gant’s life, and the lives of those closest to him, forever.

At first sight, nothing about Gant illustrates the ordeal he has been through to make it back to the Cornell University campus.

There’s no wheelchair. No cane. Not even a distinguishable limp.

He lifts weights regularly with his Cornell basketball teammates and looks more like an athlete rehabbing an ankle injury during workouts with trainer Marc Chamberlain than one returning from major spinal cord surgery.

Trockman crowned king

Published: January 27, 2007

ds012607bbk_har_vin475__t220It’s good to be the king

The other students just stepped forward for their introductions as members of the Harrison High School homecoming court Friday night but classmate Ben Trockman was one up on them when his turn came.

‘Wheels in Motion’ money to buy signage

Published: January 26, 2007

Some of the money raised at last year’s Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion event last year in Whistler will be used to enhance signage for those with disabilities in Whistler, Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation officials said this week.

Each June, thousands of people wheel, walk or run to raise money at Wheels in Motion events that aim to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injury, and for research leading to a cure.

Last year, Tony Jovanovic led a team of volunteers in the community to help raise $2,947 at the Whistler event. Some of the money will go toward the purchase of signage indicating the location of ramps, elevators and accessible washrooms in public buildings in Whistler Village.

Soothing words ease rough times

Published: January 25, 2007

HAINES — It got a little rough under the basket when the Haines Lady Glacier Bears played the Metlakatla Miss Chiefs Saturday night. A visiting player fell and didn’t get up. The refs stopped the game, and the players backed away while the coaches knelt beside the girl. They spoke quietly. She was crying. The gym got still.

I scanned the stands for volunteer EMTs. There were a handful at the game, and they were all paying attention, waiting for a nod from the coaches. When it came, they walked down quickly and with purpose. Dave Gross was on the phone, no doubt calling an ambulance. Vince Hansen knelt next to the girl. Alan Heinrich left his place at scorekeeper’s table and joined them on the court.