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Monthly Archives: August 2007

HealthFirst – Spinal cord injuries

Published: August 30, 2007

picture201UNDATED (WJRT) – When it comes to getting people moving again after spinal injuries, timing may be key.

HealthFirst reporter Leslie LoBue says new research shows that when a patient has surgery could play a big role in the quality of recovery.

Timing can impact how much movement in the hands, fingers or even your limbs will come back after spinal cord surgery.

Wheelchairs roll, and rock: Spinal injury patients offer help to live life kingsize

Published: August 28, 2007

New Delhi, August 29:* Nekram Upadhyay is 34, suffers from polio, walks with a crutch, and has won the prestigious Ford Fellowship.
* Dr Tomasz Tasiemski lost sensation in limbs after an accident, is wheelchair-bound, and the father of two is now a professor at the Institute of Rehabilitation back in Poland.

Disabled? Forget it; they now assists others. To lead a self-dependent life. The conference room at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre is packed with wheelchair-bound individuals who have come to attend the active rehabilitation centre.

“In the West, active rehabilitation is an integral part of treatment after physiotherapy. It’s essential to make people realise that they can live just as well despite their Disability,” says Jyoti Vidhiani, the 2005 recipient of Heinz Fellowship for rehabilitation counselling.

Arts Alliance America to release Reeve documentary

Published: August 27, 2007

Portion of DVD revenue to be given to foundation

Arts Alliance America in November will release Hope in Motion, a two-part documentary on Christopher Reeve and his struggle with paralysis.

Directed by Reeve’s son, Matthew, the program shows aspects of Christopher Reeve’s and second wife Dana’s family life, including his regular visits to a medical center and his hope of recovery, beginning with the movement of a single finger.

“After watching Christopher and Dana fight for years to increase awareness of funding for a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury, it brings me great pleasure to bring this truly inspiring documentary to home viewing audiences,” said Joe Amodei, president of Arts Alliance America.

The Stem Cell Summit

Published: August 23, 2007

The climate is changing for stem cell research — for the better!

banner_stemcellStem cell research represents the universal hope for healing and the political climate is changing for those seeking cures through revolutionary medicine. New rules are being written and public and private funding for research is becoming available. Genetics Policy Institute, Harvard Stem Cell Institute and Burrill Life Science Media Group have joined together to produce The Stem Cell Summit. This unique event will gather the global community of stakeholders to learn what’s new, share ideas, search for solutions and focus on advancing stem cell research from “the bench to the bedside.”

Stem-cell therapy: Cure or hoax in China?

Published: August 22, 2007

‘Some get miracles’; others are skeptical

The website for Beike Biotechnology bursts with stories that can only be categorized as medical miracles: a Paraplegic can move his legs again; a man with muscular dystrophy can carry a cup of water, a stroke victim can speak.

These tales of ailments treated come from all over the world – England, Hungary, Russia, Canada – and back the healing claims of a controversial Chinese treatment that purports to cure the incurable.

“I saw miracles every day I was there,” says Leslie Wells, who flew to China in April, 11 years after a swimming pool accident rendered her arms and legs limp. “It can be a crapshoot. Some people get miracles, some people get nothing.”

Treatment Advocates Plan Run

Published: August 21, 2007

86362_82217417bOne year ago, Robert Wall couldn’t walk.

The former New Jersey resident and computer programmer was injured in August 2005 when he mistakenly dove into shallow water near Rehoboth, Del. The impact damaged his spinal cord and after doctors rushed to treat the man, they told him not to expect ever moving anything below his shoulders again.

“I was told in a meeting with my doctors to get used to life in a wheelchair,” Robert Wall said in a phone interview. “But I found out that if I wanted to get out of this chair, I had to get my body in motion.”

Patient Power – Medical Information and Resources

Published: August 20, 2007
Patient Power
Patient Power

Patient Power is dedicated to helping you and your loved ones gain theknowledge needed to make the smartest choices about your health as youseek to fight back against a serious health concern. Thankfully,tremendous progress is being made in medicine. Our job is to help yoube aware of the progress for your health concern, advocate foryourself, and be on the road to a cure or living better with a chroniccondition. Don’t you deserve that?

Delve deeply into our site and listen to the archived radio programs, send us suggestions and tell your friends. We’ll work hard to connect you with today’s leading experts and inspiring patient advocates. We won’t sell you anything nor charge you a fee. We’ll keep all of our interactions confidential unless you give us permission.

Indian origin researcher finds seatbelts increase serious injury risk in kids

Published: August 12, 2007

Washington : Indian origin researcher Harsh Grewal and colleagues at Temple University have found that ill-fitting seatbelts increase the risk of serious injury particularly spinal cord injury to children involved in car accidents.

As part of the study, researchers reviewed 10 years’ worth of medical literature on Motor vehicle accidents and children.

The study found that children involved in car accidents who were inappropriately strapped in seatbelts were at higher risk for ‘seat-belt syndrome,’ a complex of injuries to the spine and abdomen.

Resident says city is balking on wheelchair ramp promise

Published: August 12, 2007

Pamela Bell has been disabled for more than three years.1187061541-newriv

When a spinal cord injury eventually made the Jacksonville resident wheelchair bound a year and a half ago, Bell found herself living in an apartment not properly devised for her new situation.

On a fixed income, Bell said she has had to look everywhere for assistance to help modify her home. When all hope seemed lost, she found help in the city of Jacksonville’s Community Development Division.

But when the division’s extended promises of a free wheelchair access ramp turned into a $4,500 bill, Bell decided to file a complaint against the city.

Goal Driven

Published: August 12, 2007 | Spinal Cord Injury: , ,

Despite challenges, Lindsay Heimkes still making strides118296

FILER – In 2006, Lindsay Heimkes joined the ranks of the more than 11,000 spinal cord injury cases that hospitals across the country see each year.

But don’t count this former high school and college athlete out of the game just yet. After hours of surgery and grueling therapy, she’s ready to get her life back on track.

When the call about her daughter came into the office, Tammy Heimkes remembers thinking the worst.

“I wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone,” she said. “But knowing how Lindsay does everything big or go home, I knew if she was in a car accident it wouldn’t be something simple like a broken leg,”