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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Homes for Our Troops to build house for paralyzed Marine

Published: August 18, 2008

A1-1HOFFM_WE_C_^_SUNDAYMarine Joshua Hoffman was paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet in Iraq in January 2007. At left is his mother, Reed City resident Hazel Hoffman, and fiancee, Heather Lovell pictured during a day out from a Virginia veterans hospital in 2007.

MIDDLEVILLE — Heather Lovell knows how her fiance, injured veteran Josh Hoffman, feels about moving to a home that’s to be built especially to meet his needs.

“He’s so excited. He doesn’t even have to say anything. You can see it in his face,” Lovell said.

Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan May Have Many Roles In Spinal Cord Injury Repair

Published: August 18, 2008

The proteoglycan chondroitin sulfate (CSPG) plays an important role not just in the formation of the glial scar but also in the repair of spinal cord injury, according to an article released on August 18, 2008 in the open-access journal PLoS Medicine.

In injuries to the Central Nervous System such as spinal cord injury, the glial scar is formed in a similar manner to scars in other parts of the body. However, while protecting the damaged area in many ways, it simultaneously releases chemicals that inhibit further Regeneration. Within the glial scar, several major types of cells appear, in particular microglia and macrophages.

Stationary Wheelchair Exerciser

Published: August 18, 2008

Trekease Wheelchair Exerciser Prototype 5 Plastic Composite frame donated to San Antonio Veterans Hospital Spinal Cord Injury Recreation Room.

Diabetes and Spinal Cord Injury

Published: August 17, 2008

People with spinal cord disorders are more Prone than most to developing type 2 diabetes. But the condition can be managed and even reversed with diet, exercise and medications.

“You are diabetic.” No one wants to hear these words and when they do, they are likely to be in shock or disbelief. “Sure, I’m in a wheelchair, overweight and I don’t get much exercise, but nobody in my family has diabetes,” may be a typical response.

Surprisingly, genetics plays only a limited role in the development of type 2 diabetes, but diabetes now afflicts almost 1 in 10 Americans and a recent study showed that 2 in 10 spinal cord injured veterans are diabetic.

Miracle Michael will walk again

Published: August 16, 2008 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

wakemanDOCTORS feared Michael Wakeman would never walk again after he crashed a billy-cart into a car.

The 13-year-old had completely dislocated his spine, compressing a disc and squashing the nerves supplying the muscles to his legs, bladder, bowel and genitals.

Michael was riding the old cart down a road in Mount Colah in Sydney’s north six weeks ago when he hit a parked car and spun 180 degrees, slamming his back into the side of the car.

An ambulance helicopter transferred him to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, where doctors found he was completely Paraplegic on his left side, and had just a flicker of movement on his right.

“When I looked at the scan I felt sick, it was so awful,” consultant neurosurgeon Brian Owler said.

Blowing away a sniff of a cure

Published: August 15, 2008

10527285Andrew Commons is determined to walk again – utterly determined. As well as following an intensive daily exercise regime, he’s also undergone courses of stem cell treatment for the spinal cord injury that has confined him to a wheelchair. Just back from Beijing Tiantan Puhua Hospital, Commons says it’s too early to tell whether several injections of stem cells into his spine have worked, but he’s optimistic. “I’ve now got a bit of movement in my left big toe, which is pretty good. They say if you can move your toes, you’ll walk at some stage, so obviously I’m pretty hopeful about that – if the stem cells do have a benefit, with luck I’ll be on my legs.”

Youth minister adjusts to ‘new normal’ with spinal injury

Published: August 15, 2008

0816paralyzed2mjaAccident damages Gainesville man’s body but not his spirit

ATLANTA — Vester Lewis is getting used to what he calls “the new normal.”

Normal for him used to be enjoying his retirement from AT&T with his wife, Lynn, ministering to kids at Hopewell Baptist Church, playing with his grandchildren and taking lunchtime jogs near his home off Tanners Mill Road.

All that changed on the afternoon of May 7 when a car driven by an alleged drunken driver plowed into him as he jogged along the side of the road, sending him flying. The impact cracked his ribs, collapsed a lung, tore ligaments in his knee and broke his back.

Though grouped together, quadri- and tetraplegics are different

Published: August 13, 2008

My readers have asked me, “What is a tetraplegic?” It’s time to answer their questions.

I am a tetraplegic. Because you won’t find Adah Marie Guy listed under tetraplegic, I’ll explain it to you. Bear with me, though. I’ll try my hardest to define a tetraplegic in layman’s terms.

An insight into living with a spinal cord injury Web site defines a tetraplegic as “someone who is paralyzed because the spinal cord in their neck region has been damaged in some way.”

BEIJING OLYMPICS: Third Olympics, a second chance

Published: August 12, 2008

DPT.Zur-1.081308KAYAKING: Newport Beach paddler among medal contenders in sprint events following spinal surgery in 2004.

Rami Zur went to the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece in search of a medal in sprint kayaking. He wound up instead with a titanium plate.

Now, thanks to some good fortune, good medicine and a lot of hard work, the Newport Beach resident and member of the Newport Aquatic Center is preparing to compete in his third Olympics in the single men’s kayak 1,000- and 500-meter events that begin Monday and Tuesday, respectively.

AM General plans to begin making vehicle in 2010

Published: August 11, 2008

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — AM General, which produces the Hummer H2 for General Motors Corp., hopes to begin making wheelchair-accessible transit vehicles for a Michigan company at its plant in Mishawaka in 2010.

AM General is not expected to hire any new workers to build the paratransit vehicles, company spokesman Craig Mac Nab said Monday.

“It’s probably best thought of as work for people we’ve already got. It’s a little too soon to say what the long-term implications will be,” Mac Nab said. “It’s very good news.”

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