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Washing Hands – How To | Quadriplegic (C5,C6,C7)

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Washing hands after experiencing a Spinal Cord Injury is an important role in preventing UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections). Being a quadriplegic with no hand dexterity is difficult to do normal tasks, so hopefully, this will help in trying to figure out how to wash your hands.

By Mason Ellis

Mason Ellis shares videos and articles with the Spinal Cord Injury Community based on his experiences living as a complete C5, C6, C7 quadriplegic survivor. Mason was injured on January 19, 2015 in an automobile accident which also caused a traumatic brain injury. Since recovering, his goal has been to help other survivors with his videos and raise awareness among the able-bodied population.

You can help support Mason by donating to his Go Fund Me Account where he aims to raise money to make more videos and purchase products that help him with daily tasks as seen in some of his videos.

To view Mason’s entire library of videos you can visit his personal YouTube Page here:

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