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The University of Michigan Model SCI System

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uofmlogoThe University of Michigan Model Spinal Cord Injury Care System has been in existence since 1985. It is part of one of the most reputed Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the country, ranked 12th best in the nation in 2004 by US News and World Report. NIDRR has renewed the UM Model SCI Care System’s funding for the period from November 2000 to October 2005.

What is a SCI Model System?

The concept of a Model System stresses combining innovative research with education and provision of a continuum of care, focusing on the overall needs of people with spinal cord injuries. All Model System programs provide information about their participants to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center in a strictly confidential manner. The result is the world’s largest SCI database. It has been the source of information for many important studies, conducted at the U-M and throughout the nation. More information about the Model Systems can be found at the Model SCI System Doorway.

Our Objectives

To conduct innovative site-specific and collaborative research studies and disseminate the findings from this research. Most dissemination is done through publications in peer reviewed journals and conference presentations.

To provide information about the findings of important new research conducted elsewhere. This is done through our SCI Lecture Series.

To be involved in a continuum of comprehensive clinical services, beginning immediately after injury, proceeding through inpatient care, and continuing after discharge from the hospital, through the Department’s out-patient clinics and various support services. We help develop, deliver, and evaluate innovative service programs to address the physical and psychosocial needs of people with SCI that are frequently unmet through traditional rehabilitation.

To engage in outreach activities which promote community reintegration. We do this though our partnership with community agencies, in particular, the Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living.

To pool information about the experiences of our patients with those from the other 15 Model Spinal Cord Injury Systems, promoting large-scale longitudinal research on a variety of topics.

To provide information regarding living effectively with SCI to our former patients, their family members, and other interested parties, through our annual conference, semi-annual SCI access newsletter and other occasional consumer-oriented publications.

UM Model Spinal Cord Injury Care System
300 N. Ingalls, Rm NI2A09
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0491
(734) 763-0971

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